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Problems with spinyoo cashout

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Hi mate. 

I enjoy your content as a a way of saying thanks i signed up to spinyoo and also spinrider through your links. Im actually having problems with both but its spinyoo that is causing me massive stress at the moment 

I 1st tried to withdraw on the 4/10/2021 (£60)

Was asked for my ID. Thats fine. Sent all relevant info. Long story short by 12th id sent better pics.

1month later. After saying my proof of address wasnt good enough (letter from dvla) i had to wait for a letter that was good enough.

Due to work and other issues i tottally forgot about this. No futher emails from spinyoo. Nothing. 

Fast forward to 23/02/22

I remember all this and chase up, again. I send the exact same ID (my passport pic, the exact same pic i have used for 15 other casinos no problem) and a letter of my benefits.

This time no issues with my ID. They say we will get back to you within 48hours. 

I waited till today. 26/02/22 72 hours later, no correspondence, ive had to chase all this up. So i sent them an email asking for an update and was told i now have to wait another 2-5 days wjile there team review it.

In total ive sent over 25 emails. Had to respond to 14 emails. Sent over 15 pics. Of various IDs. All confirming who i am. All for £60. 

Im absolutely gutted by all this and the stress is ridiculous. And to top it off i entered your giveaways but because i tried to withdraw before end of month, they close your account while your being verified. Prior to this i could see i was in your draw, after this i checked and wasnt in your draw. Meaning i missed out on your giveaways. And as extra salt in the wound i had free spins i was granted on sign up but never used them. Ive lost those spins as ive beem locked out of my account for so long. 

Please please please can you help me with this matter. I believe they are being very unfair in all of this. I have scoured all there ToCs and looked at the UKGC info.on it all and if i lodge a complaint now i may have to wait upto another 8weeks. 

Im sorry for this very long email but my wits end with all this and tried to include as much info as possible. I still have all emails and pictures etc as proof

Thank you for your time

Martin Lancaster 


Ps: as mentioned above im also having tge same issue with spinrider casino however its no where near as long and im giving them due time to get back to me.

Topic starter Posted : 26/02/2022 8:31 pm
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Hi Martin


Can you email me @ so I can get some more info from you regarding this 




Posted : 01/03/2022 2:50 pm